"eCatalog" is a library of PVSITES virtual products and BIM objects:
  • A "virtual product" is a parametric object, digital twin, as close as possible to the real product, delivering its properties to the PVSITES software
  • BIM objects: the PVSITES virtual products embed BIM features to enable the PVSITES software to communicate with other BIM software
  • These objects are easy to handle in 3D by the users within the PVSITES software graphical interfaces
FLISOM eCatalog
Flisom AG provides new CIGS products to the PVSITES project: denominated "X1" to "X4" products
  • X1 roof tile
  • X2 facade hang-in cladding
  • X3 curved modules for carport installation
  • X4 module designed for trapezoidal roofing panels
CADCAMation KMR SA, as the PVSITES software developer, has developed the digital twins of Flisom products. The integration into a commercial eCatalog is ongoing (delivery expected JUNE 2019).
As a PVSITES software user, you should be able to take advantage of these products using the "FLISOM database of modules" embedded in the current version of the software. Please find below critical information:


State of the Art (current features available in pre-commercial version)
  • X1 roof tile: digital twin available as a BAPV module in the software (PVSITES database>Flisom>"X1 module..."). No framing/mounting/fixing features
  • X2 facade hang-in cladding: digital twin available as a BAPV module in the software (PVSITES database>Flisom>"X2 module..."). No framing/mounting/fixing features
  • X3 curved modules for carport installation:  digital twin available as an equivalent flat BAPV module in the software (PVSITES database>Flisom>"X3 module..."). Curved modules under development. No framing/mounting/fixing features
  • X4 module designed for trapezoidal roofing panels: digital twin available as a BAPV module in the software (PVSITES database>Flisom>"X4 module..."). No framing/mounting/fixing features
Coming next (commercial version)
  • Autodesk REVIT families of PVSITES products with framing/mounting/fixing features (BIM ready)
  • PVSITES specific connection to Autodesk REVIT families: BIM dynamics
  • eCatalog of PVSITES products (Software as a Service linked to PVSITES standalone software)

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